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First Indigenous Medical Face Mask Factory commissioned in Lagos State

Nigeria: The first indigenous medically graded face mask manufacturing company has opened in Lagos State. 
Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, on Thursday, opened the O-Care Medical Face Mask factory in Odofin Park Estate, Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area of the State, saying the development was timely.
The factory is a subsidiary of Transgreen Nigeria Limited, a local manufacturer of medical equipment, such as respirator, ventilator, hand gloves and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
The O-Care face mask is said to be the first certified medical face mask locally produced in Nigeria in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) standards.
The Governor said the idea of setting up the factory was necessitated by the shortage of medically treated PPEs experienced in the wake of the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He said he was personally elated by the development, in that the first indigenous face mask production factory was built in Lagos. 
He said: “I am personally excited to att…


WHO’s strategic objectives for this response are to:
• Interrupt human-to-human transmission including reducing secondary infections among close contacts and health care workers, preventing transmission amplification events, and preventing further international spread*;
• Identify, isolate and care for patients early, including providing optimized care for infected patients;
• Identify and reduce transmission from the animal source;
• Address crucial unknowns regarding clinical severity, extent of transmission and infection, treatment options, and accelerate the development of diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines;
• Communicate critical risk and event information to all communities and counter misinformation;
• Minimize social and economic impact through multisectoral partnerships.

European Society of Cardiology affirmed Chocolate is Good for the Heart

For young and old alike, chocolate is a very popular product. According to a study published by the European Society of Cardiology, the latter would be beneficial for heart health and more specifically for the coronary arteries. On the condition, however, to limit the quantities: once a week would be sufficient. If chocolate is above all synonymous with pleasure and conviviality, it is also credited with many virtues because this food, which is best enjoyed at Easter or at the end of the year, ranks among the best for helping to fight against free radicals . A study by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine (Texas) and published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology (a journal of the European Society of Cardiology) gives another good reason to take advantage: it suggests that consuming chocolate at least once a week is linked to a reduced risk of heart disease . Specifically, chocolate is said to help keep the heart's blood vessels healthy.
“In the past, clinical studi…

Public Health Nurses Involvement In the Prevention & Control Of COVID19 ...


85 infants under age 1 have tested positive for coronavirus

USA: Eighty five babies under age 1 have tested positive for Coronavirus in one Texas county since mid-March. And local officials are imploring residents to help stop its spread as the state becomes one of the newest hotspots.Since January, health authorities have identified more than 3.6 million CoVid-19 cases throughout the United States. Nearly 140,000 people have died, according to Johns Hopkins University. In Texas' Nueces County, where Corpus Christi is located, the number of new coronavirus cases skyrocketed in July after a flattening trend. The virus has infected dozens of babies and local officials are urging people to wear masks and practice social distancing. "We currently have 85 babies under the age of one year in Nueces County that have all tested positive for Covid-19," said Annette Rodriguez, director of public health for Corpus Christi Nueces County on Friday. "These babies have not even had their first birthday yet. Please help us stop the spread of t…


*Announcing: Online Research MasterClass (August 2020 Edition)*

As always, it promises to be 4 *Saturdays* of live classes, interactive sessions & practical activities. Our classes aren't pre-recorded and you get to ask all your questions.
Also, at the Research Resource Hub, we are blessed to have amazing and experienced facilitators........and your research learning becomes _"easy peasy cheesy lemon squeezy"_ 😀😀😀 It's really that simple!!!!!
Refining your research topic.
Articulating your statement of problem
Aims/objectives of the study
Formulating good research questions
Justification for the study
Identifying the study gap
How to conduct a scientific literature search
Understanding your theoretical framework
Selecting the appropriate methodology
Sample size determination
How to plan for your data analysis
*Date*: August 8 - 29, 2020 *Time*: 12MD - 3pm *Venue:* Zoom _(You can learn from anywhere, at your comfort and convenience)_ 
*Enquires* WhatsAp…

WHO closely follows cases of bubonic plague in China

Several cases of bubonic plague have been reported in recent days in China. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stressed that the situation does not pose a high threat.
"At the moment we do not consider this to be a high risk, but we are monitoring the situation carefully , in partnership with the Chinese and Mongolian authorities, said a spokesperson for the WHO, Margaret Harris, at a press conference in Geneva.Several cases of bubonic plague have been reported in recent days in China.Authorities in the city of Bayannur, located in Inner Mongolia in northern China, have announced an arsenal of measures after the discovery this weekend of a case of bubonic plague. The man, a shepherd, is in stable condition in a hospital in Bayannur, the city health commission said in a statement on SundayProhibition to consume animals likely to transmit the plagueThe commission banned the hunting and consumption of animals that could transmit the plague - especially groundhogs - until the end …

Public Health Nurses Involvement In the Prevention & Control Of COVID19 Pandemic In Nigeria.

Adams Health Blog cordially invites you to attend and participate at an online "Health Media Chat".
Topic: Public Health Nurses Involvement In the Prevention & Control Of COVID19 Pandemic In Nigeria. Date: July 10, 2020. Friday. Time: 11am UTC+1 Venue :
Guest: Olajumoke OJELEYE. RN MSc. Department of Nursing, Lagos State University.
Host: Adams Olatayo Omolola

Nick Cordero dead at 41 after coronavirus battle, wife Amanda Kloots announces

Tony Award-nominated actor Nick Cordero, 41, has died after a battle with the coronavirus that stretched for months, his wife announced Sunday night. Amanda Kloots wrote on Instagram: “God has another angel in heaven now. My darling husband passed away this morning. He was surrounded in love by his family, singing and praying as he gently left this earth. “I am in disbelief and hurting everywhere. My heart is broken as I cannot imagine our lives without him. Nick was such a bright light. He was everyone’s friend, loved to listen, help and especially talk. He was an incredible actor and musician. He loved his family and loved being a father and husband. Elvis and I will miss him in everything we do, everyday.” Cordero entered the intensive care unit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on March 31 and had been on a ventilator and unconscious after contracting COVID-19. His fight had consisted of a leg amputation and multiple mini-strokes while battling several other ailments. Cord…

Health Statistics of Republic of Benin - OMOLOLA Adams

Continent:  West Africa Country:  Republic of Benin Capital: Porto-Novo Population: 10,872,000 (2016) Official Language: French
Profile: Benin, officially Republic of Benin, French République du Bénin, formerly (until 1975) Dahomey or (1975–90) People’s Republic of Benin, country of western Africa. It consists of a narrow wedge of territory extending northward for about 420 miles (675 kilometres) from the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean, on which it has a 75-mile seacoast, to the Niger River, which forms part of Benin’s northern border with Niger. Benin is bordered to the northwest by Burkina Faso, to the east by Nigeria, and to the west by Togo. The official capital is Porto-Novo, but Cotonou is Benin’s largest city, its chief port, and its de facto administrative capital. Benin was a French colony from the late 19th century until 1960.
Health Indices
Total population (2016)             10,872,000 Gross national income per capita (PPP international $, 2013)                   1,780 Life e…

Smoking and COVID-19 Scientific brief

This is an update to the Scientific Brief entitled ‘Smoking and COVID-19,’ originally published on 26 May 2020. Since its publication, a study entitled ‘Cardiovascular Disease, Drug Therapy, and Mortality in Covid-19’ by Mehra et al. has been retracted by the New England Journal of Medicine. This version of the Scientific Brief has removed the study from the review. The removal of this study from the review does not change the conclusions of the analysis. Background The harms of tobacco use are well-established. Tobacco causes 8 million deaths every year from cardiovascular diseases, lung  disorders, cancers, diabetes, and hypertension.1 Smoking tobacco is also a known risk factor for severe disease and death from many  respiratory infections.2-4 In the COVID-19 pandemic, questions have been asked about clinical outcomes for smokers, and whether  they are equally susceptible to infection, and if nicotine has any…