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Junior doctor row taking toll on NHS

Junior doctor row taking toll on NHS, say health leadersFrom the secti Image copyrightGetty Images The junior doctor dispute is beginning to take its toll on the NHS in England, health service leaders are warning, as medics take part in their third strike. Doctors walked out at 08:00 GMT on Wednesday in a row with the government over the imposition of a new contract. NHS England's Dr Anne Rainsberry said the sustained nature of the action was making it difficult for hospitals. Over 5,000 operations and treatments have been cancelled because of the current 48-hour stoppage. It brings the total cancelled during the dispute to 19,000 with hospitals working hard to re-arrange the treatments, which cover routine operations such as knee and hip replacements. The NHS carries out about 30,000 procedures a day. Thousands of check-ups, appointments and tests have been affected as well.

Cholera kills dozen a month in Haiti

Cholera quietly still kills dozens a month in Haiti 7 photos i  A dozen people reclined on cots inside the clinic in the Haitian capital, a few so sick they were receiving intravenous infusions to rehydrate their bodies and spare them an agonizing death. The worst off one recent morning was a thin and spectral man, weak from the vomiting and diarrhea caused by cholera. But all were expected to survive. The disease spread by contaminated water is easily treatable but can lead to death within hours if unattended. "However I got it, I really hope I never get this sick again," another patient, Estin Josue, said as he recovered inside an immaculately clean and orderly treatment center in downtown Port-au-Prince run by Gheskio Centers, a Haitian medical organization. Josue and his fellow patients were relatively lucky, getting sick relatively close to the country's first permanent cholera treatment center. Many others are not as fortunate as Haiti continues to wrestle with the…